LAPIPLASTY® Procedure Educational Video

LAPIPLASTY® Procedure Surgical Demonstration

3-Plane Correction at the CORA

Experience true anatomic restoration, correction at the deformity apex, and rapid weight-bearing with the LAPIPLASTY® Procedure.

Ready to upgrade your Hallux Valgus corrections?

Spaces limited. Cadaveric training required prior to clinical use.


Get Trained on LAPIPLASTY®

Treace Medical Concepts offers a best-in-class medical education program, with highly experienced surgeon faculty, focused on understanding & treating Hallux Valgus deformities from a three-dimensional perspective


Change Your Practice with LAPIPLASTY®

The innovative LAPIPLASTY® Procedure is designed to deliver unmatched control & reproducibility to three-plane corrections by accurately positioning the metatarsal in anatomic alignment (including frontal-plane rotation), performing precision cuts with the correction held in place, and easy-to-apply multiplanar tension-side fixation.