Local surgeons share benefits of advanced bunion procedure

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August 27, 2019
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September 25, 2019

Local surgeons share benefits of advanced bunion procedure

September 20, 2019 – In an interview with CBS 13 in Jefferson City, Missouri, Dr. J.P. McAleer at JCMG Podiatry says that Lapiplasty ® 3D Bunion Correction™ differs from traditional osteotomy bunion surgery in that, “We’re not taking a bone, cutting it, and making it crooked to relatively reduce the “bump”. What we’re doing is at true, full-on, realignment of the bone; putting it back into position and restoring anatomy.”

His patient, April, a 19-time marathon runner, says she never considered a traditional bunion surgical procedure because they did not work for any of her family or friends. “People in my family – grandmothers, cousins – have all had bunions,” Leonard said. “They all had typical bunion surgery and it didn’t work very well. I looked at the [Lapiplasty®] Procedure, I looked at the videos … and I felt good about it.”

“We’ve had multiple patients already in our practice who have had to have repeat, redo bunion surgeries because they were left under corrected by more traditional techniques,” McAleer said. “We were able to take down their problem areas and fix them using this technique.”

April said she is more than happy with the success she has seen with Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ and refers the procedure to all of her friends and family. “I wish I would’ve done it 20 years ago, 30 years ago. I wish it would’ve been around,” Leonard said. “I’m hoping more people who are younger take advantage of it.”