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LAPIPLASTY® 3-Dimensional Bunion Correction is a new, advanced technology for surgically correcting your bunions.  LAPIPLASTY® is the first and only procedure specifically developed to correct all 3-dimensions of the bunion deformity, at the root of the problem.  Rather than cutting and shifting the bone over as traditional 2D surgery does, LAPIPLASTY® uses advanced instrumentation to precisely reposition the entire misaligned bone back into normal 3D alignment.

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87% of Bunions are Three-Dimensional Deformities1

The metatarsal bones (long bones in the middle of your foot) are aligned with the other bones and there is not a noticeable bump on the inside of the foot.

An unstable joint at its base allows the metatarsal bone to drift out of 3D alignment, both leaning and rotated inward, causing the bump on the inside of the foot.

Metatarsal “osteotomies” are only 2D, cutting the bone in half and shifting the bone over, targeting the cosmetic bump but not addressing the 3D deformity or root cause.

This advanced procedure precisely corrects the metatarsal alignment in all 3 dimensions and secures the foundation, naturally removing the bump and straightening the toe.

1. Kim Y, Kim JS, Young KW, et al. Foot Ankle Int. 2015, 36:944-52

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