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Jen, Lapiplasty® Patient

Treace Medical Concepts is focused on improving Hallux Valgus outcomes via our patented Lapiplasty® Procedure: the evidence-based solution for delivering instrumented reproducibility, rapid return to weight-bearing (typically within 3-10 days in a walking boot)1,2, and demonstrated low recurrence rates (0.9% and 3.2% in studies at 17 and 13 months follow-up, respectively)1,2.

Bunion Deformity

An unstable foundation allows the metatarsal bone to drift out of 3D alignment, causing the visible “bump” on the inside of the foot.

Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction

This advanced procedure precisely corrects the 3D metatarsal alignment and secures the foundation, allowing you to get back on your feet quickly in a walking boot.3


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