FastGrafter® Autograft Harvest System Surgical Demonstration

The FastGrafter® Autograft Harvesting System is a sterile-packed,, single-use device for quick and efficient harvest of cancellous autogenous bone from the calcaneus, distal tibia, and other harvest sites through a minimal incision approach.

• Fully-sterile system for quick and efficient harvest of autograft bone
• Single-piece harvester designed to reduce instrumentation and system complexity
• Morselizing cutting tip penetrates cortex and morselizes bone during harvest

Calcaneal Autograft Harvest

Key Surgical Steps*


Incision & Dissection

Make a small incision over the lateral aspect of the calcaneus, posterior and inferior to the peroneal tendon and sural nerve, approximately 3cm below and 2cm posterior to the distal fibula. Use blunt dissection to expose the bone.


Bone Graft Harvest

Insert the FastGrafter® Harvester into AO attachment on a powered driver. Place the cutting tip of the Harvester onto the exposed bone surface. Beginning at low speed in the forward direction, advance the Harvester to the desired depth.

3. (Optional)

Additional Bone Graft Harvest

Reinsert the Harvester tip into the original harvest site and make a pass approximately 20-30 degrees from the original harvest path.


Removal of Morselized Bone Graft

Disassemble the Harvester from the powered driver. Over a sterile container, insert the Pusher through the distal tip of the Harvester to expel the morselized graft through the promximal opening of the Harvester.
* Treace Medical Concepts, Inc. Surgical Technique LBL 1405-9140

Additional Harvest Site

The FastGrafter® Autograft Harvesting System can be used percutaneously through multiple harvest sites including the calcaneus, proximal tibia and distal tibia.

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